Tesla To Allow Fully Autonomous Features Beginning In August

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"The software update is good news", Elazar Advisors' Chaim Siegel was quoted as saying by Reuters, adding the stock was still benefiting from Musk's last week's Model 3 prediction that Tesla will likely hit a "5,000 vehicle week by the end of this month". Autopilot resources, he said, had so far "rightly focused entirely on safety".

Elon Musk is never one to do things by half and it appears his claims of building a rocket-powered Tesla Roadster past year weren't to be taken as a joke.

Tesla surged more than 3% in early trading Monday following CEO Elon Musk's announcement that the carmaker's version 9 software would include the first steps to fully-autonomous driving.

Musk tweeted and said that the flame spitting engines and the burning rocket fuel are not legal.

Musk has said the new Roadster's intention is to prove an electric vehicle can outperform high-end gas-powered cars on any performance metric. It will also increase the vehicle's range on a full charge to 620 miles.

But proponents were quick to celebrate Musk's promised upgrade, with Tesla stock surging in after-hours trading.

After months of teasers and tweets, Tesla finally unveiled its all-electric lorry in November past year and, at the same event, it upstaged it with something no one was expecting: an all-new Tesla Roadster.

Musk said that issue would be addressed in the most current Autopilot update and "fully fixed" in the August update.

Being "full self-driving", as Elon Musk calls it, doesn't mean that the auto will drive itself, though it could.

However, letting him about the upcoming Tesla Version 9.0 including major updates for Autopilot 2.0. He left many observers scratching their heads when, over the past weekend, he posted hints about what he claimed would be a special feature for the next-generation Tesla Roadster now under development.

"In a recent Twitter post, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has said that the automaker's forthcoming next-generation Roadster all-electric supercar will boast the inclusion of a "SpaceX package", with "~10 small rocket thrusters".

The crossover between Musk's two companies also appears to be accelerating. "Maybe they will even allow a Tesla to fly".