Battletoads Coming to Xbox in 2019

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To win back players and get the series back on track, Microsoft has announced Halo Infinite, the next project set in the Halo universe.

Considering how much effort Microsoft has put into backward compatibility, I would expect the Scarlett devices to support current gen games but offer more advanced features and align possibly with Microsoft's upcoming game-streaming services.

The new studios will all be housed beneath the Microsoft Studios brand alongside a new venture called The Initiative led by former Crystal Dynamics head of studio Darrell Gallagher.

At the end of the day, it's the games that determine the overall success of a console.

Be it consoles, phones, games, or anything else, leaks this far out are always worth taking with a grain of salt, even if they come from reliable sources.

In some ways, Microsoft was playing to an easy crowd, with Xbox Fanfest winners in attendance to provide requisity whoops and hollering - and some even twirling shirts in the air at the bigger announcements - but not all games enjoyed a good response. "Our growth strategy is to continue to expand the worlds that players love, while developing all-new exclusive games that deepen their engagement with our platform".

"We are making one of our greatest single year's investments in teams by adding five new creative studios", Spencer said at a media event ahead of the formal start of the Expo.

Halo Infinite was announced as part of the Xbox E3 2018 press conference - in fact, it was the first game Microsoft showed on-stage.

Below is the list of established studios bought by Microsoft to swell their ranks, and the quintet are certainly impressive.

The Xbox event was packed with cinematic snippets or play of 52 games. Also, the company's hardware team "is deep into architecting the next Xbox console", he said.

If these documents are accurate - and assuming Microsoft doesn't change its plans - the publisher plans to aggressively launch multiple hardware items over the next two years, culminating in a next-gen games console.

"Our answer: we commit and harness the full breadth of our resources at Microsoft to deliver on the future of play".

It's been a long time since we've received a proper new Battletoads game.