ARKit 2.0: Apple bets big on Augmented Reality with iOS 12

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There are plenty of new features in iOS 12 but for this poll, I am only going to highlight some of the major ones. Even better, Apple is focusing on bringing these performance improvements to not just its newer devices but to its older devices as well.

It is likely that the company will be launching the final version of iOS 12 around September.

For the paid Apple developers, iOS 12 released on June 4. With it, iPhones users can see how much time they're spending on their phones and for what. It also provides one with a weekly summary of your smartphone usage habits.

Music-streaming companies like Spotify will soon be able to let users utilize Siri controls to play music through their apps thanks to Apple's newly-announced Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12. They'll also be able to set time limits on these apps, blocking them out and preventing them from sending out notifications. And Apple is serious about its AR efforts. Up to 32 people can be in on the same Facetime call, which will be especially important for employees to hold face-to-face meetings with a large group.

In iOS 12, the Photos app will now display search suggestions when a user is looking for a specific picture, based on things that appear in the photo, including cars, dogs and flowers. Users can also create their own emoji using a new feature known as Memoji, designing emoji to look how they want.

Finder upgrades were also on show, with a new "gallery view" previewed by Apple.

After Google announced its "Digital Wellness" for Android system, a function that can allow users to monitor how much they've spent on their handset, Apple followed suit in response to concerns raised by its investors calling for digital locks for kids.

This is another biggie.

iOS release date: When does group FaceTime come out?

"With iOS 12, we're enabling new experiences that weren't possible before". What about you though? We can't know if and how Apple plans to expand on the feature, but it's there to help with lighter hearing issues.

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