Aide who mocked McCain's brain cancer diagnosis out at White House

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Donald Trump has sacked an aide who said cancer-stricken Senator John McCain's opposition to a presidential nominee did not matter because "he's dying anyway", the White House announced Tuesday. The source wouldn't say why Sadler was let go and said she might go to another administration job later on.

Sadler came under fire last month after reports surfaced that she had disparaged McCain - who spent over five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam - after he urged his fellow senators to reject Gina Haspel as Central Intelligence Agency director because of her history overseeing controversial techniques for interrogating detainees.

Her father is "all about character and bipartisanship and something greater than yourself", Meghan McCain said, before adding a stinging message to the critics: "Nobody's going to remember you". The White House never denied or disavowed her comments. John McCain, would still be welcome to work a different job in the Trump administration.

The White House released a statement about Sadler.

"We respect Senator McCain's service to our nation and he and his family are in our prayers during this hard time", a statement at the time said. McCain is battling a brain tumor from home in Arizona.

Sadler, a special assistant to the president, compiled and distributed talking points to administration allies, CNN reported.

Sadler's comments became a maelstrom because neither she nor anyone else in the White House publicly apologized - even after McCain family members, Republican senators and others expressed outrage.

At a news briefing after Sadler's comments were reported, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders declined to address the attack on McCain - instead saying the problem was that someone revealed Sadler's comments to the news media.