Fortnite Might Finally Make Its Way to the Nintendo Switch-And Soon

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It certainly seems possible that the game could run on a Nintendo Switch, and Epic Games would be smart to bring the hugely popular title to yet another platform while it still has a ton of momentum in 2018. Leaked materials purportedly show a rundown of Nintendo Switch games that will be on display at E3, and Fornite is prominently featured.

It doesn't come as a surprise since Epic Games has already released a mobile version of Fortnite, so hopes for a Switch version wasn't really dead.

The unannounced titles include a port of the arcade title Killer Queen, Ubisoft's Starlink, Overcooked 2, EA Sports' FIFA 19, the free-to-play hero shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm, and Fortnite.

We will have to wait to find out whether they will release a stand-alone Battle Royale mode just like iOS or along with Save The World mode which is available on PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Regarding how the game would actually work on Switch, rumors have suggested that it will definitely have to make some compromises in order to work on the weaker Switch hardware.

There's mounting evidence that the epically popular Fortnite will be heading to the smash hit Nintendo Switch console soon. Last week the Korean ratings board, uncovered by Kotaku, also confirmed Fortnite on the Switch.

On Thursday, a list of games that Nintendo will supposedly showcase at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3) trade show appeared online, with multiple publications such as Destructoid vouching for its legitimacy.

As we draw ever closer to E3 2018, leaks are surfacing that may or may not influence the presentations by the big developers. A source familiar with Epic's plans told the publication earlier this week that Fortnite was indeed heading to the Switch. "Circles will be faster, combat more rapid, and eliminations now factor into the final scores", Epic says. Since there isn't really another "ranking" mode to take part in other than these Limited Time Events, we'll likely continue to see them cycling out for newer, better things in the future.