MANDATORY Evacuation Order in Effect

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The eruptions in Puna are as hot as Hawaii's lava will ever get. There was no indication when the lava might stop or how far it might spread.

Department of Land and Natural Resources officials said that the couple Monday night bypassed a security check-point on Highway 132, parked near the closed Lava Tree State Monument and walked "into an area of intense active lava flow".

Operator Ormat Technologies Inc last week said there was no above-ground damage to the plant, but it would have to wait until the situation stabilized to assess the impact of earthquakes and subterranean lava flows on the wells.

Fast-moving lava from several fissures opened by Kilauea Volcano has crept toward clusters of homes on the eastern tip of Hawaii's Big Island as authorities ushered residents from the area as a precaution. Breaches in the channel formed by the Fissure 8 flow can happen without notice and result in rapid moving flows.

"Residents with respiratory health problems should stay indoors and avoid being outdoors when haze is seen", Guam's homeland security office said.

Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno told Hawaii News Now that he could "see it coming". "Any residents remaining should evacuate now".

Hawaii Electric Light Co. says it's evaluating how to provide power to Vacationland and Kapoho Beach Lots once the eruption is over, but it won't be able to finalise a plan until the area is stable.

Fissure 8 has become a dominant feature of the fissure system in Leilani Estates.

Even so, new blasts from the crater sent ash plumes billowing as high as 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) into the sky, and a new fissure was pumping out lava at a rate of three feet (1 meter) per second, geologists said. After conducting a simple Google search, we witnessed the disturbing effects of mixing confectioners' sugar and sulfuric acid: After intrepid YouTuber CrazyRussianHacker mingles a small amount of each substance in a beaker, a thick, nightmarish charcoal tube forms and snakes out at least a foot.

The charges stem from a 12:21 p.m. incident in which police responded to a report of gunshots near the intersection of Kahukai and Makamae streets in the Leilani Estates subdivision, according to police. The Civil Defense Agency warned it could cause injury if it got in residents' eyes or was breathed in.

"Persons in violation of this order are subject to arrest and will be liable for any costs associated with rescue operations in the mandatory evacuation area", the county said on its website. Hundreds of people have been ordered to leave the vicinity of one of the world's most active volcanoes.