Ramadan 2018 date: Looking for Moon on 29th Shaban tonight

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We will be doing live updates on moon sighting this evening which will determine the start of the fasting month in Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries. The moon-sighting committee is still in meeting and an official announcement is being awaited by them.

Sending separate messages of congratulations to their counterparts in Islamic countries, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Iranian First Vice-President Es'hagh Jahangiri extended felicitations on the onset of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

This process is followed as per the tradition of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

There are two traditional greetings shared between those practicing Ramadan.

The Gulf countries decide the beginning of Ramadan based on the Islamic calendar, which is linked to the moon's 29 and a half-day monthly cycle. The first day of fasting month is confirmed depending on the moon sighting. This year however it is most likely that the Ramzan Chand will be sighted today evening.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, in a statement on Wednesday, May 16 wished Muslims a peaceful and blessed Ramadan, NAN reports.

Meanwhile, 65% of the American Muslims who stated that religion is "somewhat important" fast during the holy month. It is believed that the holy book of Quran was written during this month.

Muslims across the United States will mark the start of Ramadan, a holy month that involves daily fasting and prayers, on Tuesday.

The Islamic period leads up to the celebration Eid al-Fitr, and involves increased prayers and charitable behaviour as well as abstinence.

During this period Muslims are expected to learn patience, repentance, discipline and sacrifice.

Fasting is one of Islam's five pillars, alongside declaration of monotheism, prayer five times a day, alms-giving, and the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

While many people may be aware of the fasting component, local Muslims also say it's about praying and giving.