Police Praise Wisconsin High School for 'Best Senior Prank'

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The police department wrote on Facebook that it was "one of the best senior pranks" to come out of the school.

"Hats off to the Cumberland High School Class of 2018 on your senior prank". BuzzFeed reports on some end-of-year scheming by students at Cumberland High School in Wisconsin, with the school district and even local cops applauding the results.

But it's actually an optical illusion, thanks to the creative use of tape and a tarp, the school district said in a Facebook post. In this case, they used half of a junker auto.

The students made it look like a vehicle had crashed into the building by positioning an old wreck in front of a huge "gaping hole" in the brickwork.

But when the officers arrived, they discovered that it was a prank by the high school students who had graduated this weekend.

As far as senior pranks go, this may win "Most All-Around Appreciated" in the annual superlatives.

"In eight minutes they created this fake crash scene".

In the midst of graduation season, high school seniors all over America are scheming for the grand execution of their senior prank.

School property wasn't damaged by the stunt - which was pulled off with black tarp, bricks, a junk auto and tape. "But then I thought, 'This has gotta be a prank, '" principal Ritchie Narges told WTMJ. "Laugh people!" one person said.