The Primaries: What You Need To Know

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Key battles in Pennsylvania and Nebraska, as well as contests in OR and Idaho, will get decided this week that could dramatically alter the contours of the House map. Jerry Brown, with the race likely heading to a runoff on November 8. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offered in mid-April to do a free assessment of any city, county or state system, upon request.

Polls are open in Schuylkill County today for the 2018 Pennsylvania primary election.

Ashford is favored in his race against left-wing challenger and nonprofit executive Kara Eastman in Omaha.

There's been a steep drop in the number of uncontested seats compared to four years ago.

It starts in the race for Senate, where two-term incumbent Democratic Sen.

Pennsylvania is a hotly contested swing state, and the redistricting is expected to boost Democrats' chances of winning several of the U.S. House seats in the state in November.

Republican incumbents are facing strong challenges.

"We're experiencing some of the challenges that come with high levels of enthusiasm - people jump in who have some problems in their background that raise concerns". Green said Monday that one of the seven Republican candidates, Marc Urbach, has withdrawn and there are signs at the precincts warning that a vote for him won't be counted.

EMILY's List, which supports women candidates who back abortion rights, has endorsed five women running for office in Pennsylvania this cycle, including Houlahan and Reddick.

"In the presidential election we had a 70% turnout, which I thought was wonderful", she told us.

You can look at your new district here and you can figure out where to go vote by entering your address here.

The primary elections for Nueces County voters are not over.

Scott Wallace, center, a candidate for Congress, poses with voters in Morrisville, Pa. By 2014, that figure was at around 38 percent, and it was nearly 47 percent in 2016, the last presidential election. The race has attracted a crowded field of Republicans.

And two Republican House lawmakers from the Philadelphia suburbs, Reps.

Numerous other Spokane County incumbents are so far unopposed.

The Philadelphia DA's office will have an active Election Fraud Task Force, which takes complaints and responds to issues of alleged electioneering at polling places around Philadelphia. To disrupt corruption. According to a 2017 poll conducted by Chapman University, 74 percent of all Americans say their greatest fear is not terrorism or gun violence, but corruption of government officials.