John Cena Wants A Family With Nikki Bella

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Cena and Bella were engaged to be married, but the relationship suddenly ended a few weeks before their wedding date.

When asked how he's doing, Cena said everything has been "up and down" but he made it clear that he still wants to marry Nikki and start a family with her.

When Nikki Bella was told what Cena said earlier this morning, she was basically completely shocked. "I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories and everyday from 6-9 I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction".

During the show, Cena repeatedly stated that he doesn't want to get married or have children. "I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me".

"I don't have any other hopes except for one day we can work it out."

John Cena was squashed by the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 34 then broke up with his fiancé Nikki Bella.

According to the rumor mill, the couple's differences over starting a family was a main reason for the engagement's disintegration. But as documented on previous seasons of "Total Divas", marriage was never something Cena really wanted for himself. Cena told TODAY that he's not as selfish or stubborn as he once was and that he realizes now that his partner is his number one priority and he should have done everything in his power to make her happy. "It's like absolutely ridiculous". John just made a play straight out of a rom-com -Nikki pretty much has no choice but to give the guy another shot.

"Wow", Bella said enthusiastically.

"Isn't that what wives are supposed to do?" I don't hold back ever.

"Speaking of Cena, I want to go back to the Backlash stuff". Nikki said she is sleeping on a pull-out couch in their guest bedroom she she enjoys the time with Brie and niece Birdie Joe.

The sisters clearly got past their fight, as Nikki is now living with Brie in the wake of the split.

"Never thought I'd see the day John Cena grows his facial hair", the fan remarked, "he'll look different with a beard and a mustache".