Minecraft Bedrock Edition, The Banner Saga heading to Switch

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Nintendo Switch Edition will drop in June and update the Bedrock Engine to allow for cross-platform play.

You can use multiplayer co-op and race modes with your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers or indulge in Solo and Hardcore campaign modes with plenty of unlockable secrets. Minecraft is one of the best selling games of all time sitting at more than 144 million units sold worldwide across all platforms, including the Switch. It will fold in the Better Together update that added cross-platform play to other consoles previous year, as well as exclusive "Super Mario"-themed content that originally appeared in the Wii U version of "Minecraft".

Nintendo has just announced that Minecraft's Better Together update is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Nintendo has released their plans for Nintendo Switch Online, along with a list of 20 NES titles to play once the service is available in September. The updated version will release in June.

N++ features 4340 hand-crafted levels, but you can also play hundreds of user-created levels thanks to the in-built tools.

Players will also have access to the mini-games and game modes of the community servers.

"Bringing the definitive version of Minecraft to Nintendo Switch is a huge step forward in our journey to unite Minecraft players across any device". It will include the basic game, the Bedrock update with all the news described above, all the DLC and even the exclusive content previously released, such as the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack.

We've had a lot of requests to bring The Fall to the Nintendo Switch; it's a great fit for the system.