Google pitches artificial intelligence to help unplug

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Google showcased its plans for the next several months as it kicked off its annual developers' conference Tuesday. Google said this would help users complete emails more quickly with fewer spelling and grammar mistakes.

Huffman gave an example of recent viral video of a Grandma trying to communicate with her Google Home, which sees her saying "Hey Googoo" for every time she wants to ask it a question.

One of them was truly fantastic, as it made Google Assistant into a real assistant, calling up for appointments and reservations on behalf of you, and physically talking to real people on the other end of the phone so you don't have to.

First, Google Assistant dialed up a hairdresser and booked an appointment "on behalf of a client". The assistant's intonation was flawless, with the machine throwing in some natural "umm" s and "hmmm" s before it answered.

CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized that the need of the hour was to support quality journalism, saying that news was foundational to the way democracies work.

The feature called "smart compose" uses machine learning to offer suggested ways to finish sentences users start typing.

The I/O 2018 was a certain hit with Google announcing a host of new features across its product portfolio and also introducing Android P. Google's leaders iSundar Pichai and Sergey Brin, have long said artificial intelligence is the future of the company and really- the future of our world.

Held annually, Google's multi-day I/O event serves a place for the company to tease advancements in artificial intelligence, as well as provide previews of upcoming products.

"Hi, I'm calling to book hair appointment for a client", the AI voice said in the demo and then negotiated a time and date for the appointment.

He unveiled a new feature for Google's Android smartphone and tablet operating system called Dashboard, which will gather information including the number of times they've unlocked their phone, how much time they spend inside apps and the number of notifications they've received, "helping users with digital wellbeing". They built other functionalities around it to improve the customer experience further, including making "OK, Google" redundant.

The Google Assistant combines with LG's webOS based ThinQ AI to bring new levels of convenience and control to the consumer. According to a deep dive on Duplex published on Google's AI blog, in testing the system is handing off to human operators when conversations become too complex for it to handle on its own - though Google says it is able to conduct the majority of its tasks "fully autonomously" in its current state.

As the Google I/O is basically a developer's conference, a special focus is also put on making the software that powers Google technologies more smarter.