New Gmail design revealed

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A new snooze feature also lets you temporarily remove emails from your inbox until a certain time, so you can avoid certain email threads until you're ready to reply. Reportedly, the new codes that have been added by the company to its Photos app indicate that the updated version may allow users to archive their photos according to different categories like business cards, menus, newspapers, passports, and receipts. Both of those features are part of Google's Inbox app for Gmail.

On that list is a new sidebar, which will allow Gmail to integrate other Google services more readily.

In the Internet world, Google is one such search platform where you can easily find the answer to any question in minutes.

Google has confirmed that it will be rolling out a redesigned version of Gmail in the coming weeks. The revision states, "Our automated systems analyse your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customised search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection".

G Suite administrators, who manage the online Google domain, gave some details of the design to 9to5Google. Based on screenshots, the biggest difference in the new Gmail is a look inspired by Google's Material Design, which emphasises clean, minimalist lines contrasted by bold graphics that should make navigating a little more intuitive.

Keep in mind that Talk to Books just launched and it will be refined over time.

The new Gmail will likely be showcased during Google I/O, which kicks off on May 8.

Android Authority and The Verge have offered a sneak peek at the recently reported Gmail redesign, which will also come with several new features. Vertical panoramas are quite uncommon on smartphones, considering the fact that Google has made a decision to label them is a bit unusual, however, we will keep you posted with further updates related Google Photos at Google I/O 2018, so stay tuned with us. Google has meanwhile kept mum about the new features, requesting for a bit more time to compose themselves before they share anything. This feature is basically just the quick few words of suggested replies that can be found when looking to reply to a message on mobile.