Pompeo supports Trump plan to 'fix' Iran deal

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Senator Cory Booker demanded answers from Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo about his past views on LGBT rights during confirmation hearings today. "I suppose it's possible we could get to the condition ... where Kim Jong Un was directly threatening and we had information about his activities".

The outgoing CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, told lawmakers Thursday that the special counsel Robert Mueller interviewed him as part of the Russian Federation investigation.

"And let me just say, you talked about the actions that have been taken by this administration".

Pompeo will need a majority vote in the Senate to replace ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was sacked on March 13, 2018.

His remarks before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were the first chance for lawmakers and the public to hear directly from the former Kansas congressman about his approach to diplomacy and the role of the State Department, should he be confirmed.

"I cried", Pompeo explained.

Both Republicans and Democrats are expected to grill Pompeo on whether he will recommend that Trump withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal next month, as the president has threatened to do. "It depends, clearly, if we're close", he said.

"We need to push back in each place we confront them", Pompeo said, including the economic and cyber arenas.

Pompeo, who serves as the Central Intelligence Agency director, is expected to present his relationship with the president as an asset to taking over the State Department, where according to prepared remarks, he believes employees "hope to be empowered in their roles, and to have a clear understanding of the president's mission".

Mr Pompeo also took a hard line on Russian Federation. He declined to directly answer questions about whether he thought gay sex was a "perversion".

He said sanctions against Russian Federation and the decision to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine were evidence that Mr Trump's "national security strategy, rightfully, has identified Russian Federation as a danger to our country".

The interruptions come as Pompeo's hearing to be top diplomat gets underway. Jeanne Shaheen today the Trump administration has not done enough to deter Russian Federation - she pointed out that it had not enacted a slew of congressionally-approved sanctions - Pompeo agreed.

President Trump's pick to be the next secretary of state faced tough questions and protesters as he appeared before the Senate Thursday for his confirmation hearing.

Evangelical Christian Pompeo, who said America had "endorsed perversion and called it an alternative lifestyle" began to reply, saying 'Senator, if I can?'

President Donald Trump nominated Pompeo to become the country's top diplomat on March 13 when he fired Tillerson.

Pompeo said that much work is being done to prepare for the meeting and that the goal "is to develop an agreement with the North Korean leadership such that they will step away from its efforts to hold the U.S.at risk, completely and verifiably". "So when journalists, most of whom have never met me, label me - or any of you - as 'hawks, ' 'war hardliners, ' or worse, I shake my head".