No Car? Reserve One Via Uber Rent

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With the new features, Uber hopes it can address many issues plaguing commuters in cities.

Khosrowshahi announced three partnerships on Wednesday. For those who don't want to take public transit, Uber says it's investing "hundreds of millions of dollars per year" in its Express carpooling product.

"Having a greater variety of transportation modes at your fingertips helps make it increasingly easy to live without a vehicle".

The platform launched in January, though those who wanted to use the Uber Bike by Jump service were required to join a waitlist. Uber wants to own a piece of every trip that happens in cities, from e-bikes to public transit - even if it's not an Uber-operated service.

Starting today, Uber users in Washington will be able to book dockless Jump bikes directly through the app.

While Uber has pulled its self-driving auto programs in all the markets where it operated, as well as not reapplied for a permit to operate in San Francisco, Khosrowshahi says not to take today's announcements as any sign that Uber is moving away from autonomous.

In a partnership with car-share startup Getaround, Uber Rent connects users to nearby cars through the Uber app.

He continued: "Autonomous is part of the solution, and I think in the long term is going to be a very important part of the solution of getting rid of vehicle ownership".

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, in a blogpost, said the move is part of the company's efforts to improve the driving experience. Uber Movement will now be available in 12 more cities: Amsterdam, Bangalore, Brisbane, Cairo, Hyderabad, Melbourne, Mumbai, Nairobi, New Delhi, Perth, Pittsburgh, and Toronto.

Say hello to Uber Rent.

But, speaking at a transport forum, Khosrowshahi said Uber was still betting on the technology in the long-term.

It lets customers book and use transit tickets in the app for public transport services like buses, subways and trains.

Jump confirmed that the acquisition would offer Uber customers more modes of transportations which will enable people to have a life without owning a auto.

Uber is partnering with a variety of companies to offer rental cars and shared bikes in its app, adding more options to the company's signature on-demand rides. That service will be offered beginning later this month - but only in San Francisco for now, Uber said. The service will also include integration of transit maps and schedule information in selected cities.

Uber is moving way beyond just ordering a vehicle.