Paige Officially Announces Her Retirement From In-Ring Competition

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In an emotional address, the fearless Superstar thanked Daniel Bryan for his inspiration, WWE Hall of Famer Edge for showing her there is life after sports-entertainment, the WWE Universe for their support and WWE for allowing her to do what she loves to do.

Footage from the November event in which she was injured at Nassau Coliseum in New York City, US, shows Paige being kicked in the back by Sasha Banks. Paige also thanked the wrestlers in the women's division for bringing it to the heights it is now and said she's never been prouder to have competed with them. She went on to hold the butterfly belt on two occasions, but injuries forced her to look on from the sidelines as the company spearheaded their "Women's Revolution".

Following the announcement of Paige's official retirement from Pro Wrestling last night in New Orleans, several superstars involved with the Pro Wrestling industry came together in order to show their vast support towards the former Divas and NXT Women's Champion. The 25-year-old wrote in a recent tweet that she is completely overwhelmed with the love and support and noted that the huge amount of encouragement that has been shown by everyone around her certainly means a lot to her.

Paige claimed the WWE was "her heart, her soul and her blood", adding: "This is one of the hardest things I will ever have to say in my career".

As Paige's entire life has revolved around wrestling, she could feel the exact same way he did by being in the role. She has been named the new SmackDown Live General Manager, meaning the Anti-Diva will remain on WWE programming. The WWE Diva suffered a breakdown while giving her retirement speech in the same city where she had debuted, in New Orleans, in the year 2014.

And she broke down as she addressed the Monday Night Raw crowd after watching Wrestlemania 34 from the stands. Thank you, Paige, for helping make WWE's women's division what it is today.

In regards to her other endeavors outside of WWE, Paige has been building up a separate brand for herself with the Saraya Store.

What is your favorite Paige memory in WWE?