FBI's Cohen raids hit home for President Trump

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According to initial reports that came out on Monday, the U.S. Attorney's Office in NY is investigating Cohen for possible bank fraud, and it's also looking into the preëlection payoff he made to Stormy Daniels, the adult-film actress who claims to have had a sexual liaison with Trump at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2006.

While Cohen told Lemon that Monday's raid on his home and office was "upsetting to say the least", he also did not blame the agents who participated in the search.

Ryan called the search "completely inappropriate and unnecessary", and said federal prosecutors had told him it stemmed partially from a referral by the office of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The New York Times' source also claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had sought to find any documents tied to a $130,000 payment Cohen made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in October 2016, weeks before the presidential election.

Agents were seeking records on payments to Daniels and another woman who said she had an affair with Trump, according to the New York Times.

Trump, who lashed out on Twitter at Mueller's probe and the Justice Department on Monday evening, met with his lawyers at the White House on Tuesday to discuss the FBI raid, which has confirmed their worst fears - that Mueller's Russian Federation investigation is mushrooming well beyond questions of campaign collusion. "Cohen is in a legal dispute over a hush agreement Daniels signed before the 2016 campaign to keep quiet about the alleged affair".

"We do not generally comment on such matters, but have and will continue to comply with inquiries from proper authorities", the Trump spokesperson said. "And I thanked them at the conclusion".

Adult video star Stormy Daniels is reportedly cooperating with federal investigators who want to know more about the payoff she received in 2016, as prosecutors demand info about that payoff from Trump's business organization.

"It's a real disgrace", Mr Trump said.

After months of pressure, in February Cohen admitted making the $130,000 payment via a shell company to Daniels as part of a non-disclosure agreement.

I would have expected snarlin' Michael Cohen, top Trump lackey and a man known for being colorfully blunt about what he'll do to people who make trouble for him, to have been defiant after the raid.

"Clearly, the use of a search warrant rather than a subpoena in this instance is another indicator that the special counsel's prosecutors and investigators (and, now those of the SDNY and FBI New York) don't trust a word the clowns in the Trump administration are telling them".

Cohen is one of Trump's closest associates and was an early advocate of his political aspirations.

Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, also tweeted that he and his client will be cooperating fully. Daniels has said the affair happened in 2006.

Cohen has long viewed his legal career through a pragmatic rather than high-minded lens, said former Cooley Law School classmate Greg Crockett, now an attorney in Okemos, Michigan.

Supported by high-powered lawyer Michael Avenatti, she filed a lawsuit in California in March to declare the pact invalid.

Brooke Singman Is Just a Politics Reporter for Fox News. More significant, a judge would require evidence of potential illegal behavior between Trump and Cohen before approving the seizure of any communications involving both of them.