Lewis Hamilton appears to back Monaco GP use of 'grid girls'

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These sentiments came shortly after Russian deputy prime minister Dmitry Kozak had indicated that he would like to see grid girls in attendance at September's Sochi Grand Prix.

Boeri scoffs at the idea that the grid-girls are hired to please leering male fans, "We demand exemplary behaviour from them".

The decision by Liberty Media to end the use of grid girls was welcomed by equality campaigners who claimed women were being objectified. They included F1 grid girl Rebecca Cooper, who vented her anger at the "ridiculous" decision on Twitter.

Yet Monaco Grand Prix boss Michel Boeri said that there will be grid girls at the street race next month. One reason given was because "our girls are the most beautiful".

The girls were controversially abolished in the country earlier this year after F1 chiefs said they were at odds with modern "societal norms".

Kozak disagrees with the switch, saying: 'It's wrong at races to lead out children, who are frightened of mechanical things'.

"Here it should be adults.In all forms of motor sport there are girls advertising cars harmoniously and pleasantly".

"They're attractive, and the cameras will be on them once again".

In Russia also the girls will be present. Just like his Russian counterpart, he took what already sounded bad and made it just a little bit worse by adding "Our American friends assume that it could hurt the feminine feelings when employing young women to carry signs".

When F1 chose to replace grid girls, I certainly didn't think it would end sexism in racing.

Perhaps someone should remind them that F1 didn't ban women from the track altogether. Our hostesses complete model and PR schools.