Snapchat harnesses TrueDepth on iPhone X for ultra-realistic Lenses

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Will you be using the Snapchat lenses or are they a gimmick you're not buying into?

That's because the face filters work using Apple's TrueDepth camera.

The new masks include a Mardi Gras mask, a Day of the Dead-style face paint with a matching headdress as well as a shimmering masquerade eye cover.

As per Snapchat's officials, they have tested the TrueDepth Camera on their lenses which would offer more accurate and detailed experience with fun way.

With so much about data privacy issues going on these days, not to mention Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is only fair to ask how much of TrueDepth camera data does Apple share with third-party apps like Snapchat. You will see the TrueDepth-enabled Lenses within the Snapchat's carousel on the iPhone X.

One year back, Apple released a teaser showcasing special AR Lenses for iPhone X, at iPhone's launch ceremony.

On the safer side, the Face ID feature in iPhone X operates on a mathematical representation of the owner's face, which is encrypted in the phone itself. And now, Snapchat has introduced new TrueDepth AR Lenses for the iPhone X users.

Snap said that the Lenses reflect surrounding light in a more realistic manner and add a touch of blur to the background.

If we go deeper, the front facing TrueDepth Camera on the iPhone X projects 30,000 infrared dots onto the face of the user. You can make use of different masks which you can use within the lenses. Studio Lens is a design tool to build augmented reality Snapchat lenses. Bloomberg insiders recently revealed that the new iPhone 11 will come with a new air gesture feature and a curved OLED screen. Using the depth information allows Snapchat to more accurately pin virtual objects onto a subject's face.

Snapchat has been working on this feature for a few months to get it ready, and it's finally here. Apple also says it bans developers from creating profiles of otherwise anonymous users by using identifying facial capture information.