Alexa Announcements one-way voice feature rolling out to Echo devices

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Wouldn't it be nice if Alexa could help you hurry your family along or maybe announce that dinner is ready? "Millions of customers already have more than one Echo device in their home", Amazon says, and given that Echo devices have have been able to function as two-way intercoms and make phone calls since previous year, this feature seems like a logical step.

The pitch is simple - just start a command with "Alexa, announce that", "Alexa, tell everyone" or "Alexa, broadcast", then tack on your message.

If you want to exclude a specific device within your household, say, in the bedroom where your husband is sleeping, Amazon said you can use the Do Not Disturb setting.

Where are Alexa Announcements available?

Alexa announcements are rolling out to USA and Canada starting today and will support all the Echo devices Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, and Echo Look. It's also possible to set the tablet to respond less often whenever there is another Alexa device nearby - for example, an Amazon Echo.

Amazon has added the ability to play music and podcasts as part of Alexa Routines, as it looks to make its smart home schedules even smarter.

Can Google Home do announcements?

So if you have an Echo Show in one room, Echo Dots in other rooms and maybe an Echo Spot in another, whatever you say will be broadcast everywhere at the same time.

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