Stephen Colbert Takes on Mark Zuckerberg, Proposes A Revamped Facebook

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"Fake news!" Colbert exclaimed.

"Well this morning, CNN had an article about it which was nice", Colbert continued, before pointing out the incorrect headline. Featuring bandleader Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human, the show is broadcast from the historic and newly renovated Ed Sullivan Theater.

The subject came up while Colbert was poking fun at Trump's latest rally in OH, where the president raved about 18 million people tuning in to watch the "Roseanne" premiere, in which the eponymous sitcom character comes out as a Trump supporter.

This is arguably historic, as any avid fan of the late show host would know how he has always been a staunch critic of the Chief Executive of the United States.

"I agree with Donald Trump about something", Colbert admitted.

"I take everything back". I apologize. Donald Trump is a great president! The current headline on CNN's website reads: "Iconic "SNL" star spoofs Trump staffing pick".

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert obviously isn't SNL (Colbert hasn't been on the sketch show since a Saturday TV Funhouse segment in 2011), unless "you think SNL stands for Stephen's Nightly Laughs", he joked.

Colbert then encouraged his viewers to show some respect while using the new nickname for Trump, cracking that they shouldn't address him as "Spanky", but as "President Spanky". It also was taped during the day and is not live.

To end things on a lighter note, the 53-year-old chose to look at the brighter side by saying it was still nice to get some attention and recognition.