Overwatch players can participate in the next Uprising event starting April 10

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Last year's event chronicled a major event in Overwatch history, and gamers are hoping that this year's version of Uprising will also focus on a pivotal point in the multiplayer shooter's lore.

You can look over what was included in last year's Uprising event through the Overwatch website. New cosmetic items such as skins were offered, and players were also allowed to purchase the skins from the previous versions of the events at a discount.

The four player co-op event, King's Row Uprising is coming back to Overwatch in two weeks, according to a new tweet from the official Overwatch Twitter account. In the teaser post, which is an animated image, there is a moment where the text within the image changes.

This year's Uprising event needs to do a ideal job in explaining Blackwatch's focus and setting the ground for Talon's motives.

We opined shortly after it went live that Uprising was "the best case for an Overwatch campaign yet", because "it's a story that genuinely matters". The photo ops will also, of course, come with a 360-degree panoramic stage where you can take a picture on one of Overwatch's arena maps.

Gamers are expecting much of the same thing in this year's Uprising event, especially the PvE brawl. The event itself will begin April 10th, which will take place within the map King's Row (shocker, right?). Blackwatch worked along Overwatch and helped carry out missions, but the information stops there.

While not yet confirmed, a Blackwatch Archives or general Archives event certainly sounds like an exciting direction. The small video seems to be hacked possibly indicating that Sombra will be playing a part in the event.

This is Overwatch's most recent limited-time event, following February's Lunar New year event.