Facebook Sued Over Call and SMS Data Collection

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Facebook says they do this so Android users can find people more easily, but, they don't explain why they take the extra step of saving the data on their servers.

If you read those statements, nowhere does it explain why Facebook needs access to your metadata, rather than just your contacts.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that only 41 percent of Americans trust Facebook to obey US privacy laws. Regulators and attorneys general across the country are now probing Facebook's role in the data collection, and the Federal Trade Commission announced Monday it was investigating the company. Alternatively, the opt-in to data collection may not have been very clear or set as a default response in certain cases.

The federal lawsuit filed by NFHA alleged that the way Facebook's ad service is built allows for discrimination when it comes to housing. "We know these changes are not easy, but we believe these updates will help mitigate any breach of trust with the broader developer ecosystem". So until they will not permit app can't work.

But this feature also allows Facebook to use information like when a call or text was made or received.

The Verge has reached out to Facebook regarding when the app review process will be resumed.

The abrupting pause over the new apps or chatbots to access the platform is a result of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal. The data is not sold to third parties, it said.

"Because of Facebook's impact on the housing market, we'll ask the court to implement a plan of community education and outreach to housing providers to inform them of their obligation not to discriminate".

It said the housing alliance was able to post an ad for a fictitious apartment after it selected options that excluded blacks and Hispanics from the ad's potential audience.

Fred Freiberg, executive director of the New York City-based Fair Housing Justice Center, said in a statement that Facebook's advertising platform is "the virtual equivalent of posting a for-rent sign that says No Families with Young Kids or No Women, but it does so in an insidious and stealth manner so that people have no clue they have been excluded on the basis of family status or sex".