Health Records on your iPhone

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You can get the new iOS update on the following gadgets. Now with iOS 11.3, they have. When this happens, the tool will state "This iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown because the battery was unable to deliver the necessary peak power".

There's also a Business Chat feature (still in beta and only for the USA for now) in the Messages app that provides a new way to communicate with participating businesses.

Apple on Thursday released iOS 11.3, the twelfth official update to the iOS 11 operating system more than a month the launch of iOS 11.2.6. When the processor is running full throttle, your iPhone is at risk for malfunctioning and shutting down unexpectedly.

The most important and useful thing about iOS 11.3 is that the update introduces a new "Battery Health" feature which provides iOS users with more information about their batteries.

To view your battery information, go to Settings Battery Battery Health (Beta).

While Apple's move ensured that iOS devices last as long as always on a daily charge, no matter what the age of the battery, many felt Apple should have been more upfront making users aware of this fact.

Apple released iOS 11.3, offering a business chat feature that could make it a more usable platform for organizations to reach users.

iOS 11.3 includes a new battery health monitoring system for older iPhones.

Other than this a new privacy icon has introduced by the company that gives detailed privacy information whenever Apple asks for access to personal information and new ARKit 1.5 which more accurately maps irregularly shaped surfaces. In addition to this, ARKit now allows 50 percent greater camera resolution and sharper pictures.

Apple Music now streams music videos uninterrupted by ads.

Bloomberg goes on to add that the new web-based options will launch in early May in Europe first, likely to meet the European Union deadline, and then gradually be rolled out to other countries after that. If you ever need to restore your device (or a new one) from backup, plug it into this computer and open iTunes to do so.

Commuters in Beijing and Shanghai can begin using Apple Pay on their iPhone and Apple Watch for an easy, fast and secure ride on Metro and bus lines.

Apple Music will be updated to house music videos, which will play back-to-back free from adverts, Apple confirmed. These markets join Apple TV app users in the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK.

The report notes the upcoming changes to Apple's website will let users correct personal information, temporarily deactivate their iCloud account, or even delete it completely. However, this will only be available in countries that support an emergency service.