One Dead, Trooper Injured in Nikoleavsk Officer-Involved Shooting

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She told police she feared the suspect and she had a black eye from a previous assault, police said. Nothing was broken, officials said, and the man was homeless and seeking a place to sleep. He did not smell of alcohol, but had two bottles of prescription painkillers with him in the vehicle.

Nathaniel Calloway, 28, of New Britain was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes, reckless driving, engaging police in pursuit, failure to renew and operating a vehicle with a license under suspension. He was cited for operating while intoxicated, second offense, and impeding traffic-slow speed.

Charleston Police arrested a man yesterday for allegedly involving children to assist in a 9 store shoplifting spree.

Midland Police said the situation is still being actively investigated, and the department is coordinating with the Michigan State Police and the Midland County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

Police confirmed a man was arrested at around 2.10pm on Sunday.

He said the "agent" on the phone convinced him to buy two Best Buy cards for a total of $3,868 and transfer them to him. After knocking on the door for a third time, the officers turned the unlocked handle to find the wife standing in the living room and the husband trapped in the bedroom.

She followed the vehicle to the end of Halton Terrace where she saw the man exit the vehicle and run east behind a nearby residence.

In the tape, a woman pushes her hand in the face of Officer Kevin Harrell, who then grabs the woman by the hair and slams her down on the ground.

It's not clear what led police to suspect that the three people were involved in Monday night's shooting. Police followed the auto into the parking lot of the Battleground Village shopping center, where two men inside the vehicle tried to flee. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.