Audi to launch Tesla rivalling e-tron GT

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Announced at Audi's annual press conference today, the e-tron GT looks aimed squarely at the Tesla Model S, with Audi promising it will arrive in production guise by 2020, will be "highly dynamic" and be the brand's first "Audi Sport" BEV.

"We will lead our high-performance brand Audi Sport into the electric future with models like this".

Audi's Rupert Stadler underlined the importance of Audi's performance models even in an electric portfolio.

Hinting it will be positioned at the top of the Audi lineup, the Audi Sport tweet also says the Tesla Model S rival will be the "Spearhead of Audi Sport by the year 2020".

Audi Q8 Concept Front Right Quarter
Audi plans to officially unveil the Q8 SUV sometime this year

Not much else is known, but the auto will likely share more than a little DNA with Porsche's Mission E which will precede the E-Tron by a year or two.

As part of its aggressive plan to make more electrified cars, Audi will launch a four-door E-Tron Gran Turismo in the next few years. A model such as the diesel-electric plug-in Q7 e-tron might have to drop its existing badging in favor of some sort of new model code, but although Glaser admits something has to be done, he didn't make any suggestion as to what that will be.

The design is expected to be inspired by the recently unveiled Audi e-tron SUV concept with the trademark wide Audi grille and the rear strip lighting that's already being rolled out to the firm's higher-end production cars. The two will co-develop new vehicle architectures to better accommodate EV drivetrains.

The model overhaul, also introducing the new Q8 SUV, is expected to have a "sustained positive impact" on deliveries and earnings from 2019, Audi said. For comparison, the newly revealed Jaguar I-Pace all-electric crossover starts at €77,850 in Europe and is priced from $69,500 in the United States. Once it arrives, the GT will be Audi's e-tron flagship vehicle. And these will be just two of the 20 electrified models the German luxury brand is going to be bringing us by the year 2025.