Look out, Jeep: new Ford Bronco teased alongside smaller off-road SUV

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The all-new Ford Bronco will be one of eight SUVs in Ford's North American lineup by 2020-and one of two off-road SUV offerings.

Lincoln won't be alone in the electrification push, says Farley, noting every time Ford launches a new utility vehicle in North America the company intends to have a hybrid version ready as well. The carmaker is betting that hybrids, which haven't been popular with consumers of late, will undergo a revival and share space with a new generation of battery electric vehicles.

Safety and telematics technologies are also high on the rebooted agenda, which comes as sedan and hatchback sales continue to slump across the industry and Ford's stock price remains stuck in first gear.

Ford executives make little mention of future auto models beyond the Mustang and its derivatives such as the GT350 and Shelby GT500; the Mustang and compact Focus reportedly may be the Ford brand's only remaining vehicle nameplates once the product onslaught is complete.

Ford global markets president Jim Farley said the time was right for the auto maker to start and think about hybrid - something of an oxymoron given it will soon have to meet even tougher emissions targets.

We're adding a lineup of true off-road SUVs that allow people to get out there and really use their vehicle for its intended objective.

We're starting with an all-new small off-roader, which will join our highly anticipated Bronco, a versatile vehicle with maximum all-terrain capability in 2020.

The automaker believes that by the end of 2020, SUV sales could make up 50 percent of sales stateside.

Ford showed off some of the new vehicles but reporters had to promise not to describe or photograph them.

At Ford, we know our customers put a lot of faith in us.

For trucks, Ford highlights its new diesel engine for the F-150, the resurrected Ranger, new Super Duty F-Series and the new hybrid F-150. Ford said the hybrid system in the F-150 Hybrid will add low-end torque for pulling power and serve as a mobile generator. Along with the previously-announced all-electric model and Bronco - shown on Thursday wearing a dirt-colored sheet that revealed its boxy, possibly two-door profile, but little more - it's also adding a smaller, curvaceous SUV that it says will be true off-roader.

- Standard safety features across almost all models by 2020 including automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist and backup cameras. It will also release what it is calling a Transportation Mobility Cloud that will act as an open platform to allow the aforementioned "over-the-air" updates to vehicles.

The automaker's head of global operations, Joe Hinrichs, told Fox News that he's seeing a growth in demand for off-road capable vehicles as more and more people are taking part in adventurous leisure activities. Ford will work on achieving this goal through "supply base relationships, using common cell and component design and by manufacturing motors, transmissions and battery packs". The Blue Oval says it's "going all-in on hybrids", including versions of the F-150 truck and Mustang sports auto. Next year, Ford will also bring a new Transit van to the U.S., and it says advanced driver-assistance systems, like automatic emergency braking and others, will be added to future commercial vehicles like the future E-Series, F-650, F-750, and F59-based vehicles.