At least 18 Pets Died On United Flights Last Year

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"I don't particularly enjoy having to legislate, or trying to legislate, common decency", Kennedy said.

A Texas district attorney is investigating the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight as a possible criminal offense.

Catalina Robledo and her daughter Sophia Ceballos told ABC News that they were forced to remove the soft kennel bag holding their dog from the seat in front of them and put it in the overhead bin before the flight took off.

Irgo is scheduled to see a veterinarian and then be put on a flight to Wichita, where he is expected to reunite with his family March 15 evening.

"It's like unbelievable how he had to suffer like that", said Robledo.

The bill was prompted after a puppy died during a flight earlier in the week, after a United Airlines Co cabin attendant ordered that it be stowed in an overhead bin. Asked for a message to the family who lost its pet dog, she added, "I feel so bad for them". The dog was found dead when the flight reached NY.

Reportedly, the dog's barking could be clearly heard after the aircraft took off.

"They showed me the kennel and the minute I said the word, 'Irgo, ' out pops this Great Dane", said Irgo's owner, Kara Swindle.

"They had no idea where the dog was.I burst into tears instantly because this has just all been a whirlwind".

"We are at the very preliminary stage of the investigation, but it definitely does make it more challenging because it is not something that happened in someone's backyard here locally or in someone's home", Cloud told KPRC. "You're animal could be on any number of flights".

Data from the US Department of Transportation show that three times as many animals died on United flights past year than on all the other US carriers put together. 18 of the 24 animals that died on a major U.S. airline previous year were in United's care, Louisiana Republican John Kennedy wrote in a letter to United President Scott Kirby.

The death of a family dog aboard a United Airlines flight this week has grabbed the attention of federal regulators and at least one US senator. "Another 13 animals in United's care suffered injuries a year ago".

The family had been instructed by the cabin crew member to place the bag containing their young french bulldog in the overhead locker, as it was blocking the aisle. We have learned that the customer did tell the flight attendant that there was a dog in the carrier.

The airline in a statement had called it a "tragic accident that should never have occurred".