Mario comes to Google Maps as a celebration of Mario Day

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To use Mario to navigate around Google Maps, first, you must make sure you're on the latest version by updating the app in the Google Play Store.

To Mark Super Mario Day, Google Maps have updated their application for the smartphone users with Mario.

The navigation arrow in Google Maps is then replaced with Mario - who accompanies the users in his little red go-kart during the entire trip.

Tapping the question mark will launch the Mario Time screen and allow you to move forward with navigation.

Today, 10 March is Mario Day, and Google Maps is rolling out the Easter Egg on Friday and it will be live for a week. It will be available for a full week, says Google.

The new Mario comes as Mario Time for Google Maps for Android and iOS devices. You can find out the official live embedded tweet made by Google Maps from here. You can also pick up some stylish new duds inspired by Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach. Celebrate in anyway you wish by playing your favorite Mario games, watching the Mario Bros. movie or throwing a themed Mario Party! While Mario Day will only last for 24 hours by definition, the promotion will remain in the Google Maps application for the next week.

Furthermore, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Run's one-time payment will be at half price starting today until March 25, 2018.