Samsung unveils new QLED TV models

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Ambient Mode can harmonize with the TV's backdrop, showcase a attractive picture or display useful information.

Its next generation QLED TVs include a feature called Ambient Mode, which enables the TV to blend in to the background whenever it's turned off.

Samsung QLED 4K TVs come with the Ambient Mode, a feature that can mimic the texture on the wall behind, and nearly make it disappear.

Like a year ago, Samsung is continuing the work it made with QLED technology, a quantum-dot refined generation of LED-backlit TVs where small crystals are used to focus and hone the colours emitted by the LED. Nevertheless, it still is a cool concept to make the TV nearly invisible.

Hanging a giant telly on your wall is great and all, but unless you're actually watching something on it, you've essentially decorated your room with a monolithic black square.

"With our 2018 TV lineup, we are changing the definition of visual displays to intelligent displays", said Han Jong-hee, who heads Samsung's display business. Besides this, the "Ambient Mode" feature would also display news headlines, temperature, personal photos, and other information.

The company also highlighted its modular design - which Samsung first touted this year at CES 2018 with The Wall and available finally later this year -which means TVs can be shaped in nearly any dimension needed, with each component, or screen, powered through micro LED technology.

The thin cord then connects to an external input box.

The new One Invisible Connection is one slim cable that combines both consumer's power and AV data to the TV.

Facebook videos are no longer limited to desktop and mobile screens, as members can access their feeds and view recommendations on connected TVs.

This also means the TV can be mounted nearly anywhere as power is supplied through the one cable which doesn't require a powerpoint adjacent to the TV. The new QLEDs (never, ever to be confused with OLED) ship with Bixby and offer voice assistant capabilities right out of the box.

In addition to Bixby's ability to control smart home devices, the QLED line-up can also act as a SmartThings hub. Integration with Bixby also allows people to control all the main functions of their Samsung QLED TV with just their voices.

The QLED series includes the Q9, Q8, Q7, and Q6 - differentiated on the basis of price and image quality.

"Specific to the Q9F and Q8F QLED TVs, these sets will feature Direct Full Array (DFA) contrast technology".

Samsung talked up its new Universal Guide, which recommends programs and gets smarter over time. The Q9F would come in 75 and 65-inch screens, and the Q8F in 55, 65 and 75-inch.

Samsung has its hands in much of the technology we use in our home from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners - and of course TVs. This technology should take the TV's HDR to all-new levels, even though the other sets also support Samsung's HDR10+ format.

Mahdi said: "Our 2018 QLED range is created to bring Australians together to enjoy the best TV experience we have ever offered".

Samsung claims that the Direct Full Array backlight on the premium QLED models result in a deeper black color reproduction.