Kremlin Rejects US Charge Russia In Breach Of Arms Control Treaties

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These include nuclear-powered submarines or drones, called uninhabited underwater vehicles (UUV), nuclear-powered missiles and a hypersonic, intercontinental ballistic missile.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said this week that he can not "respond" to the US's accusations of Russian election interference "if they do not violate Russian laws".

The Pentagon has not publicly talked about the nuclear-powered cruise missile mentioned by Putin.

Putin's statement marked the first time the new systems were officially announced with a high degree of detail, and it wasn't immediately possible to assess the veracity of it or assess the degree of their readiness.

He added, "I think, prospective air and missile defence systems".

Among the new weapons that Putin said were either in development or ready: a new intercontinental ballistic missile, a small nuclear warhead that could be attached to cruise missiles, underwater nuclear drones, a supersonic weapon and a laser weapon. Being nuclear-powered, it can fly around for months, due to its nearly limitless energy supply. "It may appear someday, but by that time, we will develop something new".

"The chancellor and the United States president also call on Russian Federation to stop its participation in the bombardment of Eastern Ghouta and persuade the al-Assad regime to stop its military operations against areas populated by civilians", he added.

Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said President Donald Trump understands the threats and that America is "moving forward to modernize our nuclear arsenal and ensure our capabilities are unmatched".

Both Russia and the United States are part of a treaty to reduce the number of strategic nuclear warheads both countries have by this year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday the Kremlin can't respond to charges that Russian nationals meddled in the 2016 president election if those involved did "not violate Russian laws".

Peskov denied suggestions that one of the videos allegedly used a map of the United States to simulate an attack on Florida. Nauert claimed it depicted an attack on the USA, despite there being no depictions of presumed targets or points of impact.

The military alliance will continue using its armed forces to deter aggression, said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spokeswoman Oana Lungescu.

Putin's remarks seem unlikely to change that equation or divert the Trump Administration from its path toward modernising the full USA nuclear arsenal at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars while also expanding missile defences. "This is the opposite of reduction, it's the opposite of a new start and any kind of arms control".