Kylie Jenner tweet sends Snapchat share price tumbling

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Yesterday, Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, lost 6.1% of its value in similarly happenstance fashion. In the tweet, she said "sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me. ugh this is so sad", Jenner tweeted to her 24 million followers.

"Still love you tho first love", she wrote.

A more direct trigger for the stock crash, though, is a stock downgrade of the company from "neutral" to "sell" by Citigroup analyst Mark May on Tuesday, following weeks of negative reviews from Snapchat users regarding the app's update. In November, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel told investors that a redesign of the wildly popular social media platform was due for a total overhaul redesign. On, there has been a petition created to rollback the design, giving users the pre-2018 update that was preferred. The influencer boasts 24.5 million followers, and with that managed to excise as much as $1.3 billion in Snap's market value through a single tweet.

Makeup company Maybelline - arguably most famous for its slogan "Maybe she's born with it".

Once a staple of every person's social media arsenal, Snapchat is now struggling to continue to keep up with changing trends in our everyday use.

Jenner, her model sister Kendall and their half-sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, are among the most influential social media users in the world.

Maybelline questions if it should stay on Snapchat


"It'll take time for people to adjust, but for me, using it for a couple months, I feel way more attached to the service."

". Facebook is also entering the foray, with their stories becoming more utilized with its billion plus users. That's seemingly what happened with Snapchat on Thursday.

Snapchat rolled out a significant redesign, which included mixing people's private messages and their stories together under one banner, confusing users instantly.

"I've always been skeptical of Snap because I think it's very hard for them to monetize..."

When Kylie Jenner talks, even Wall Street snaps to attention, it seems.

Not to mention that Snapchat executives have already come out and said they have no plans to remove the latest update. "I think that's a risk".