Burnout Paradise Remasters races to PlayStation 4 this March

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Developed by Criterion Games, the upcoming remaster will feature enhanced visuals, performance and all eight existing DLC packs for the original release.

The remaster will certainly breathe new life into the Burnout series and hints that Criterion Games are not finished with their beloved IP. Paradise paved the way for games like Forza Horizon and The Crew years later. In addition to this, there's support for 4K resolution and 60fps gameplay on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Originally released in January 2008, Burnout Paradise gained critical acclaim for its open-world take on the popular series.

Now, ten years later, Burnout Paradise is making an appearance on PlayStation 4 as Burnout Paradise Remastered.

EA announced today that it will be bringing Burnout Paradise Remastered to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next month on March 16.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is rated PEGI 7 and is available digitally and in stores for £34.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you're an EA Access member, you can start playing the game on March 9 with a 10 hour trial version.

EA went a little light on just what "remastered" means in the context of Burnout Paradise, but we do know that regardless of the platform you play it on, the game will render at 60 frames per second. I still remember buying that last one hoping for split-screen and getting a round robin style game mode. The "Big Surf Island" DLC is new content to PC players because it wasn't available in the original game.

The post also confirms that servers will be live, and you'll be able to play around in Paradise City with up to three of your friends.