Israeli tanks, warplanes target besieged Gaza Strip following a bomb explosion

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Dozens of Palestinians were injured on Friday during clashes with Israeli troops in occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, according to a Palestinian nongovernmental organization.

An explosive device wounded four Israeli soldiers, two severely, near the border fence with the Gaza Strip on Saturday, reportedly spurring Israeli air strikes later in the day against Palestinian militant targets.

During the visit, Egypt demanded that Hamas take additional steps to ensure that cooperation ends between the jihadists in Sinai and their supporters in Gaza, the Hamas source said.

The spokesperson said that the patrol - made up of Golani infantry soldiers and members of a combat engineering unit - was operating with standard procedures to remove any foreign object from the border fence, but that these would now be reviewed.

Earlier in the afternoon, an Israeli tank fired a shell at a Hamas military post in Gaza in retaliation for the same incident.

Meanwhile, Hamas Spokesman in Gaza Hazen Qassem blamed Israel for causing escalation in Gaza.

After the Israeli airstrikes, a rocket was sacked into the Jewish state.

The IDF said it was investigating whether missiles has been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel and if any had caused damage or injuries, or if they were false signals. The two sides have fought three wars since 2008.

Later, IDF and Gaza officials reported a series of Israeli airstrikes against terror training sites and tunnels.

Dozens of Palestinians demonstrators have been injured in recent weeks along the border fence with Gaza, with the Israeli army using live fire to disperse protesters.

In a statement, the Eshkol Regional Council said, "In response to the queries regarding the security incident, we emphasize that this was a military event occurring near the border".