President Trump's Proposed Budget Calls for Cuts to Great Lakes Funding

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Trump made a similar attempt past year but Congress refused to go along. Well, it's time to stand up again.

As with last year's proposal, Trump seeks to essentially eliminate funding that would help clean up the Great Lakes, cutting funding from $300 million to just $30 million.

Environmental Protection Agency money for Lake Champlain and other waterways across the country would be eliminated, with a plan to have the EPA "encourage state, tribal and local entities to continue making progress".

- This year's presidential budget released Monday again proposes a large cut Great Lakes cleanup. And if freshwater resources are allowed to degrade, the impacts are enormous.

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The science, study and implementation of preventative measures and remediation are expensive endeavors, and local governments can't possibly be expected to coordinate the efforts needed to improve the Great Lakes, much less pay the costs.

Other programs remain nearly fully funded, including those devoted to cleaning up Superfund sites and surface water protection. Portman says he and other lawmakers will work to get the funding restored.

More than $2 billion has been budgeted for the Great Lakes initiative, for more than 2,000 projects, since it began in 2010. That's down from $167 million previous year. Senator Stabenow says she was stunned by the proposal. "People across MI spoke out and took action past year to stop these cuts and I know they'll do so again".

Ambs says, "The Trump Administration missed a major opportunity to help communities restore their water infrastructure. In all, it makes no sense". The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is a vital tool used to boost our Great Lakes both environmentally and economically. The Great Lakes are an invaluable resource to OH, and this initiative has been a successful public-private partnership that helps protect both our environment and our economy. It's clear that when it comes to the Great Lakes our priorities are at odds with the administration. "Just like past year, I will fight alongside colleagues on both sides of the aisle to promote, strengthen, and preserve our Great Lakes".