Killed, Nearly 50 Injured in Hong Kong Bus Crash

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In 2008, a speeding bus careered out of control at a Sai Kung roundabout, leaving 18 people dead and 44 injured.

Rescuers cut open the top of the bus to save the passengers trapped inside. I am also an editor for Turning Point News and a foreign correspondent for Snip.And in case you were wondering, it's supposed to be pronounced "Wit-2".

The fatalities included at least 17 men and two women.

Rescue workers attempt to assist survivors of a double-decker bus crash in Hong Kong, China, on Saturday night.

Authorities said 10 of the injured were in critical condition and 15 were seriously wounded.

Another passenger said: "He was driving very fast, extremely fast, even if he was driving down a slope". "It was like the tyre slipped, and the bus turned". It was really chaotic in the bus.

Many injured passengers were sitting by the road awaiting medical help.

An executive surnamed So, with The Kowloon Motor Bus Co that operated the bus, said $HK80,000 ($13,094) in financial assistance would be paid to the families of each victim.

The cause of the crash was not immediately known, the police said.

An inquiry into the accident and the bus company's operation will be set up, Lam said.

She said: "The goal is to ensure a safe and reliable public transport system. especially for bus services".

Saturday's crash appears to be the worst since a double-decker bus fell off an elevated roadway in 2003, killing 21 people.