Trump navy parade may not be in Washington,…

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U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md.) is calling on his colleagues to join him in prohibiting federal funds from being used for a military parade - in the style of Russia, North Korea and China - for which President Trump has asked.

A senior administration official had said Trump would sign the bill before noon but was unlikely to do so before 9 a.m., when federal employees would be back at work.

"As a strong supporter of our military and their families, I know we are all beyond thankful for the sacrifices our military make on behalf of our country every day", Veasey said in a statement. First time this has happened in a long time.

The House and Senate approved a bill to keep the government funded through March 23, overcoming opposition from liberal Democrats as well as tea party conservatives to endorse enormous spending increases despite looming trillion-dollar deficits. The budget bill "also means JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!"

The House narrowly passed the budget accord in the pre-dawn hours, ending a brief government shutdown and clearing a path for huge spending increases for both the Pentagon and domestic programs. He says non-military spending "will never come down" without electing more Republicans in the 2018 elections.

The government shut down at midnight Thursday after Kentucky GOP Sen.

President Trump has requested that the military begin preparations for a military parade in the nation's capital, CBS News has confirmed.

The US House passed the bill on Friday in a 240-186 vote. Rand Paul prevented the deal from advancing Thursday.

President Donald Trump congratulated Congress for passing a two-year budget agreement on Friday, painting the massive bill as a win for the military.