Windows 10 S Build 17093 Helps Users Ditch Passwords

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Even if you don't use Windows 10 S right now, you might be able to access this feature someday.

Previously, Microsoft had been using Universal Windows Platform (UWP) for the web application and are not planning on completely ditching it after bringing in Progressive Web Apps.

Well, Microsoft wants to get into the action. The tech giant is testing the ability to unlock the security-focused Windows flavor through an Authenticator App you can install on your phone.

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Redstone 4 Insider Preview build (aka Windows 10 Spring Creators Update) and if any of us thought the development phase was nearly finished, we were definitely wrong. Microsoft has also given Windows 10's experimental eye control capabilities a boost.

Well-known services and sites such as Flipboard, Twitter and Trivago already have PWAs, and Microsoft says it is whittling down the best web apps for inclusion in the Store from more than 1.5 million candidates.

Build is always a fun event for Microsoft enthusiasts.

Following the next Windows 10 update, codenamed "Redstone 4", the Microsoft Store will start listing the PWAs inside the Microsoft Store, with Microsoft getting ready to add what it considers to be the best PWAs to the Store. The engineering team at Microsoft has apparently been using the Bing Crawler to identify PWAs on the Web for almost a year. However, a lot of Electron apps are simply a website wrapped in an OS-native launcher, and it's possible that many of these could switch over to PWAs in the future.

If you use Android, you might have come across a Progressive Web App or two in your Chrome journeys. And there's a new "clutter-free printing" option in the print dialog for Microsoft Edge.

Developers who want to boost the chances of getting their PWAs listed in the Microsoft Store can follow these guidelines, which also includes instructions on how to submit a PWA to the Microsoft Store.

To support PWAs the company has enabled different required technologies through EdgeHTML 17, including Service workers, push notifications, Fetch networking, Cache API, etc., in the latest Windows 10 Insider builds.

Microsoft outlines the simple process for adding PWAs to the Microsoft Store.