Hotel in Taiwan collapses after 6.4 magnitude natural disaster

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Those tremors followed a magnitude 6.1 quake that struck on Sunday.

An quake measuring a magnitude of 6.4 struck Taiwan sparking chaos as a hotel collapsed in the town of Hualien, the Taiwanese government has confirmed. Some are still trapped inside of the half-collapsed hotel and are shining the torches on their phones so responders know they're there.

The powerful 6.4-magnitude tremor struck at 23:50 (15:50 GMT) about 20km (12 miles) off the island's east coast.

Authorities said some people remained trapped but were unable to give an overall figure.

Taiwan lies along the famed "Pacific Rim of Fire" known for seismic activity from Alaska to Southeast Asia. According to some reports a Hotel collapsed after the tremors. People were requested to move on to the safer place.

Video shows rescuers helping people out of the building.

Laura Lo, a worker at the 7-Eleven convenience store across the street from the Marshal Hotel, told CNN that the first and second floors of the hotel appeared to be severely damaged and police officers are conducting rescue operations there.

However initial analysis by the US Geological Society (USGS) said there is a 35 per cent chance of fatalities and a 14 per cent chance of at least one million dollars worth of damage.

The quake comes nearly exactly two years since a quake of the same magnitude struck the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan, killing more than 100 people.

A magnitude 6.1 natural disaster struck in the area two days ago and another quake, measuring 5.3, hit the same area later that day, Reuters reported.

More than 100 were killed in a quake in southern Taiwan in 2016, and some Taiwanese remain scarred by a 1999 natural disaster with 7.6 magnitude whose impact was felt across the island and in which more than 2,000 people died.