Tourism Australia Fools The World With Fake Crocodile Dundee Trailer At Superbowl

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The fake trailer (above) casts USA actor Danny McBride as the son of fabled Crocateer, Mick, travelling the length and breadth of Australia, led by famous Aussies Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman in cameos. All of this came together pretty quickly too with most of the shooting happening in December (since it's summer in Australia), with cameos from the famous Aussies added in January.

The whole thing is a sly reference to the 1984 "G'Day Mate" tourism campaign that Hogan was a big part of.

Still, there was no plans for either to admit to the trailers. "The film helped shape their view of Australia, showing them Australia's natural beauty and Australians" friendly and welcoming nature.

The A-listers in the advert included Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher and Chris' younger brother Liam.

"The original Crocodile Dundee took place in the rugged outback".

Bravo to Tourism Australia for making us believe that an awesome sequel like this was actually happening.

Tourism Australia say Americans are our third largest inbound traveller market. European countries make up the lion share of visitors to the down under.

It's a giant tourism ad for Australia.

Chris Hemsworth in the Dundee Movie Official Trailer 2018. "Australia can be an abstract destination for Americans, so we are trying to break it down and demystify it".

Droga5 Creative Director Kevin Weir and Associate Creative Director Jim Curtis couldn't even let their own families know why they were traveling to Australia.

'We've already seen on digital channels and social media, we've reached over 369 million people. We should all probably go.

Tourism Australia, however, negotiated a two-year $A15 million deal with NBC for the Super Bowl spot and other opportunities using NBC's vast platform.

For Curtis, who is from Australia, it was especially hard to go home for a month and keep it under wraps. "And there were definitely people who thought that, but there were also people who were into the idea". "He shot it in a way that just felt right".

But don't expect a real son of Dundee movie coming soon.