Ryan Celebrates School Secretary's '$1.50 A Week' Paycheck Increase From Tax Bill

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Ryan's tweet celebrating a public high school employee earning an extra $1.50 per week went mega-viral-and not in a good way, with countless people mocking and deriding the Wisconsin congressman for the tone-deaf tweet. The section of the story he chose to highlight raised eyebrows: Julia Ketchum, a Pennsylvania high school secretary, saw her paycheck increase $78 a year - enough to cover the cost of her yearly Costco membership.

The following message was tweeted out from Ryan's account on Saturday morning and then was subsequently deleted after it became clear how poorly it was being received. Neither Ryan's office nor Ketchum could be reached for comment.

Ryan's Democratic opponent, Randy Bryce, used the blunder as a fund-raising opportunity.

People, including several prominent Democrats, noted on social media that $1.50 per week is not a significant pay bump.

Ryan's tweet, now deleted, told of a secretary featured in an Associated Press report who was "pleasantly surprised" by the marginal pay rise, drawing condemnation from critics who accused the politician of being out of touch with lower-income Americans.

Twitter was quick to criticize Ryan's snafu. Middle-income taxpayers would receive an average tax cut of $930 this year, and those in the top 1 percent would receive an average cut of $51,000.

President Donald Trump recently approved a drastic overhaul of the United States tax system, which Democrats say will mainly benefit the country's wealthiest people.

A number of Twitter users had basic math questions for Ryan - including asking where the money itself went.

Earlier this week, Republicans attacked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., when she called the payouts after the tax bill "crumbs".

"I look forward to GAO's independent review of these tables, which will expose whether the Trump administration is tampering with Americans' paychecks, resulting in a whopping tax bill next year", Wyden said, as quoted by CNN.