Actress Uma Thurman levels accusations against Harvey Weinstein

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'He pushed me down.

The actress says Weinstein's incessant flattery, as well as the high position he held, made her miss what would otherwise be seen as key warning signs. He tried to expose himself. She says she screamed at him, saying he was "like an animal wriggling away, like a lizard, TMZ describes".

"I was doing anything I could to get the train back on the track. My track. Not his track". Through a representative, he questioned why she - like numerous other women who have accused the powerful media mogul of assault - waited so long to come forward, and released a number of images of himself and Thurman at public events that he believes "demonstrate the strong relationship Mr. Weinstein and Ms. Thurman have had over the years".

"I am one of the reasons that a young girl would walk into his room alone, the way I did", Thurman said. "Quentin (Tarantino) used Harvey as the executive producer of Kill Bill, a movie that symbolizes female empowerment", she said.

The day after the incident, Thurman said she was sent a "26-inch-wide vulgar bunch of roses" from Weinstein, with a note that said "You have great instincts". The statement added, "Mr. Weinstein acknowledges making a pass at Ms. Thurman in England after misreading her signals in Paris". Tarantino told her that she'd be driving the film's famous blue convertible down a sandy road herself, but Thurman believed the vehicle was unsafe and wanted a professional stunt person to do it. Tarantino assured her that the auto was safe, and Thurman agreed to do the driving herself. When she exited the room quite some time later looking flustered and upset, the friend said that Thurman told her Weinstein had threatened to ruin her career.

The latest allegations were made to United Kingdom police on November 13, although they have only just become public. Thurman says Tarantino confronted Weinstein about the attempted assault she'd told him about before, after which Weinstein apologized to Thurman.

U.S. director and jury president Quentin Tarantino and USA actress Uma Thurman arrive for the official projection of the film "Kill Bill 2", 16 May 2004 during the Cannes Film Festival in the French Riviera town. "But at least I had some say, you know?" "I didn't feel threatened".

"I approached Quentin in very serious terms and told him that he had let Uma down as a director and as a friend", Thurman's husband at the time, Ethan Hawke, told the Times. The actress recalled a time when she was 16 and an actor almost 20 years her senior coerced her after heading to his home after meeting at a club. Despite her repeated pleas, Tarantino allegedly pressured her into following through, leaving her with permanent injuries to her neck and knees. Weinstein's assistants lured Thurman upstairs to Weinstein's room after convincing her that the incident was a misunderstanding and that the two have "so many projects together".

Weinstein told the paper that "she very well could have said this".

"Personally, it has taken me 47 years to stop calling people who are mean to you "in love" with you", she continued. "I thought he was being super idiosyncratic, like this was your kooky, eccentric uncle", she recalled.