Spotify releases experimental Pandora-like 'Stations' app on Android

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"When you have access to all the music in the world, finding the right thing to play can feel like a challenge", the Google Play Store app description reads. You switch between them by scrolling; Spotify specifically calls out that no typing or searching is necessary to use Stations. Similar to Spotify's core algorithm, Stations will personalize your selection once it collects enough user data.

Music streaming service Spotify released a new Android app that's all about free music Tuesday.

With the regular Spotify app, you can play any song or band you like with a paid-for membership.


Mashable reports that the ad-free app is created to help you get music on your speakers without breaking a sweat. Spotify app users will also spot popular playlists like Discover Weekly, Viral and Release Rader among others that they usually come across in the original app. As a matter of fact, you can customize your station list. You can view it in the Google Play Store, but the app isn't compatible with devices in the USA or Europe.

Strangely whether you're a free listener or a Premium subscriber you won't be able to skip tracks, so whatever you're streaming you have to commit or find a new playlist.

There once was a time when Pandora was the king of online listening, as it provided its users with customizable radio stations based on artists, genres, songs, and other preferences. Spotify haven't commented on the app yet. This approach is part of Spotify's experiment to essentially streamline its mobile music listening. However, you may now need to do that if you already have your settings configured to automatically enable all new iMessage apps by default-and in that case, you can start using the app.