Ryu and Sakura Will Kick Ass and Take Names in Monster Hunter

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It's no secret by now that Monster Hunter World has been a huge success for Capcom.

Monster Hunter World which was released recently was able to reach the top position under sales in the initial three days in Japan region. They can not be mixed with other armor in the game. At the same time, the publisher has seen a major growth for the industry as a whole in the past nine months, thanks to the greater penetration of the PlayStation 4 and the strong performance of the Nintendo Switch. The armor sets can be equipped by both male and female hunters, and players can change their voices to match either Ryu's or Sakura's. Xbox One owners, and PS4 players who don't also own Street Fighter V, will get the chance to unlock the Ryu armor set at a later date. Reward items are claimed with the rest of your Special Rewards after completing quests and investigations. For the rest of the world, you'll have to settle for Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter World allows players to drop into sessions seamlessly with the options to use SOS flares which means if you're ever having trouble you can send out a distress beacon and hope someone sees it and comes to the rescue. After its release last January 26, the new installment to the "Monster Hunter" series received high score ratings from critics.