Jamie Lee Curtis looks totally different with long hair

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"Same slate. Same Laurie", Curtis said alongside an image of herself standing in a doorway alongside the new films director, David Gordon Green.

Curtis shared the news on her Twitter account, uploading a photograph of herself in character, standing outside the infamous house in Haddonfield, Illinois, where numerous horrific events of the first film took place with Myers's white masked face looming behind her in the shadows. In those photos, Curtis was still sporting her usual short haircut along with the threads Laurie Strode wore back in 1978 when Michael Myers chased after her for the first time. Same slate. Same Laurie.

Curtis shared a picture on Instagram while she was on set with scriptwriter David Gordon Green. "Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) doesn't even know that Michael Myers exists until the last minutes of the movie", McBride told the Charleston City Paper. "First shot. @halloweenmovie Halloween 40 years later. See you all 10/19/18 #halloweenmovie". Simply titled "Halloween (2018)", the upcoming installment of the slasher film franchise is set as a direct sequel to the original.

The most noticeable detail here is that Laurie has the same long hair from the original film, a style that changed to a more close-cropped look for the H20 film (heavily touted as the return of Laurie Strode in its day) in 1998.

Strode will have her final confrontation with the masked figure who has haunted her since she barely escaped his killing spree four decades ago.

The new Halloween movie hits theaters on October 19, 2018. Though that wasn't true, she was killed off in Halloween: Resurrection, which debuted back in 2002. The original film's director will also once again provide a score for the movie. But an official reveal of Michael Myers back in his iconic mask is probably just around the corner.