'Super Blue Blood Moon' to take place January 31

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Will I be able to see it?

. Making the event even more special is that the moon is at perigee, its closest approach to Earth, creating a "Supermoon" Tuesday night into Wednesday. These three past full moons have been brighter and bigger, and it's not just due to optical illusions this time. People in Hawaii, Alaska and on the West Coast will have the best chance to view the eclipse in its entirety, weather permitting. Not only is the atmosphere smog-free but after the recent snowfall, the skies have become clearer. It was an error, but it is now considered the second definition of blue moon.

The moon is actually going to appear a reddish-orange color.

But, this is not your average blood moon.

The December supermoon is traditionally known as a Full Cold Moon in the northern hemisphere because it takes place at the start of winter.

He further explained that a super moon has an effect on the height of tides but has no correlation or effect on Mayon Volcano's eruption. But here's where the super moon and the blue moon come in and elevate this lunar event to a true rarity.

Beginning at 5:45 a.m. EST (1045 GMT), the Slooh telescope will live stream the 5 hour and 17 minute eclipse. A lunar eclipse with these variables aligned hasn't occurred in this part of the world since 1866.

Total eclipse ends at 6:08 a.m. The observatory is one of the best equipped and best placed observatories in Asia.

WHYis the celestial event significant? What is a Supermoon? A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth lines up perfectly in between the Moon and Sun. This is followed by the Supermoon. When we have a super moon, that means the moon is at its closest point to Earth, which makes it appear 15% to 20% larger and brighter.

Like Earth, half the moon is illuminated by the sun at any one time.

Colorado skywatchers, be ready to experience the rare Super Blue Blood Moon in the early morning of Wednesday, Jan. 31.

The satellite is in full stage and the eclipse happens when the shadow of the earth completely blocks the light from the sun.

Those hoping to view the super blue blood moon spectacle in the Triad will have to set their alarm clocks early Wednesday to catch the narrow window of opportunity.