Nelly Files Countersuit Against Woman Who Accused Him Of Rape

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Naturally only the parties involved know the truth but for whatever it's worth Nelly has denied all allegations. In court documents obtained by The Associated Press, Nelly says the encounter on the tour bus after a performance at a Seattle night club was consensual and the woman became upset only when another person entered the bedroom to use the bathroom. In the suit, Greene asks for a judge to prohibit Nelly from assaulting more women, in addition to asking for damages.

She credited the women who have come forward with stories of sexual assault in the hopes of creating change but added all progress will be "discredited" when "people lie".

Nelly and his lawyer have not yet issued a response to the new allegations.

The first complainant, referred to in the lawsuit as Jane Doe 1, alleges that the St. Louis native invited her to a small "VIP room" after a June 2016 concert at London venue KOKO. One woman alleges Nelly slid his hand under her dress and attempted to keep her from leaving a room.

Shantel goes on to voice her support for true victims of sexual misconduct amid the ongoing #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns to put a stop to inappropriate behaviour in the entertainment world and other industries.

The second woman, identified as Jane Doe 2, claims she met Nelly at a December show in Essex, England. There, she claims the rapper invited her and a friend into a smaller room, then to an after party.

Greene describes in detail Nelly's MO in what she says is a plot to sexually assault women.

Prosecutors said later that month they weren't charging him because the woman wasn't co-operating with the case. She says that she tried continually to "evade and refuse him", but he overpowered her, grabbing her hand and putting it on his penis.

Nelly is sensitive to women that have been victimized and marginalized.

The countersuit comes after the accuser, Monique Greene, claimed Nelly raped her in October 2017.

He has since threatened to file his own lawsuit against Greene for slander.

The documents then said Nelly asked if the woman had "a boo" to which she flashed her wedding ring, despite claiming he had already known her marital status.

According to Greene, they, along with Nelly's entourage, were driven to the rapper's tour bus, which was located at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Auburn, where the "after-party" was taking place.