Black Panther's Lexus Commercial Will Be the Highlight of the Super Bowl

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Automaker promos new Marvel vehicle.

Advance ticket sales don't lie: People are going all-out to see Black Panther. If you asked me who's playing at the Super Bowl this year, I cannot tell you.

A 60-second extended digital version of the commercial was released today and was made in conjunction with the Black Panther movie that opens in theaters on February 16.

"The stars aligned for this Super Bowl spot, with Lexus launching our flagship sedan and audiences primed for Marvel Studios" highly anticipated release "Black Panther.' Uniting LS with Black Panther on advertising's biggest stage was an opportunity we couldn't pass up".

If you told me 10 years ago that the 18th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would still be met with a fever pitch of excitement, I'm not sure I'd have believed you.

Lexus will return to the Super Bowl on February 4 with a brand new advertisement featuring the 2018 LS 500 F Sport and plenty of help from the "Black Panther" cast.

The teaser shows Chadwick Boseman transform from his character's street clothes to the powerful Black Panther persona.

"Black Panther is inherently linked because of "Civil War" connections and because of the Ultron connections with Klaue". Just as the hype of the trailer is dying down, Marvel Studios has released the first clip of the movie to further tease fans of its premiere which is only weeks away. "It's a climactic moment for all of us as we come together to celebrate this wonderful collaboration and enjoy the big game".

The Lexus LC 500 luxury performance coupe, which will be seen in the movie, also has a cameo in the ad, which was shot in downtown Los Angeles at night using a custom lighting unit.