Look what's back: WWE head Vince McMahon resurrects XFL

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This league was the XFL, and while it originally only lasted one season, today, McMahon announced it's coming back.

- They will start with 8 teams with 40 man rosters and 10 games per season.

He also didn't specify which markets will be looked at for XFL teams, saying "every city is on our radar".

McMahon promised not to repeat the same mistakes he made in the early 2000s, vowing to ensure the league brings a high level of play to the field. It will not hire players who have arrest records, McMahon said.

He will have time to prepare as CBS reports that McMahon is expected to announce the league won't return until 2020.

According to PWInsider.com, the current plan is for McMahon to bring the XFL back sometime in 2020, and the WWE production team is working on video packages to promote the return of the league. "We didn't give ourselves enough time to put together [teams that could] actually play good football", he said.

"We have two years now to really get it right", McMahon said, adding that all possibilities are on the table when it comes to how the games will air and which USA cities will be participating in the league. "That's what we're going to deliver".

"The landscape for sports and entertainment has changed dramatically, I think you could argue, in McMahon's favor", Carter said, as digital media companies now compete to stream sports and young people become turned off by the length of games. "It's football. But you want to reimagine it".

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told ESPN the league would not comment on the XFL. McMahon said the schedule, created to fill the seven-month gap without the National Football League, could begin as early as the end of January.

Yet for fans hoping to see the return of the hard-hitting, sexually charged XFL that failed after one season in 2001, McMahon broadcasted a severely different image on Thursday.

What are you most excited to see from the new league?

Lastly, and perhaps cynically, McMahon could focus on branding his project as an American-first, patriotism-mandatory entity for those disillusioned with the protests that have permeated the National Football League in recent years.

Johnny Manziel is not welcome in the reboot of the XFL.

Wrestling fans of course will be keen to know how the "new" XFL will affect business in the WWE. Salaries have not been determined, but winning players will make more money.

"We're there to play football", he said. "We have a lot of question for you, and we are going to listen".

McMahon wanted to make it clear the WWE and Alpha Entertainment are two separate entities.