Audiobooks Are Now Available on the Google Play Store

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Google's Play Store is making a bigger push into selling audiobooks, the company announced Tuesday, putting it in more direct competition with Amazon-owned Audible. Audiobooks are the text readout of the ebooks, now you can listen to your favorite ebooks with Google audiobooks, just head over to the Google Play store and search for it.

Under its plans, Google will let you pause, rewind and play audiobooks from your Android device and Google Home speaker, using the "OK, Google", command.

Also, users can start off the morning by listening to an audiobook with the Assistant on their phone, and continue listening with the Google Play Books app on a tablet. Today, that functionality is officially launching as part of Play Books and includes integration with Google Assistant. With the help of these audiobooks, users can ask the Google Assistant to read out their books. The developers left no stones unturned as they have successfully integrated all audiobooks with Google Assistant. The two companies already compete head-on with each other on several fronts most notably cloud computing and recently in the market for smart digital assistant technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. The Google LLC is American multinational technology company brings new technology audiobooks on the Google Play Store, fill.

Similar to the Books, one can buy a single audiobook on the Play Store at an affordable price. Hartrell said that Google is using artificial intelligence to make sense of a book's table of contents and automatically give chapters the right headlines.

Family sharing. You can share your audiobooks with everyone in your family through Family Library for no additional fee.

Users can listen to books at up to 2x speed and can also set a sleep timer if they want to fall asleep while listening to their book. And though it's "coming soon to the Assistant on Android Auto in the U.S.", it won't be there at launch.